bulldogchuck asked:

Oh my god. Would you share share her amazing body with me. I won't hurt her. My big cock might though.

Well, that is an interesting proposition. If we were into sharing (which we aren’t) I’d convince hubs to let me go with you. After all, fucking can’t always be about love, unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes fucking needs to hurt just a bit…

- HAW ;)

Running After Sex

Last night my hubby had his way with me. It was definitely fuckalicious. Woke up to a cool morning and couldn’t wait to get outside for my morning run. Downside to running the morning after sex? Cum pouring out of my ass ( yes, he shot his load in my lovely ass).

Only 1 mile in and my Nike running shorts were a bit messy…I’m sure some of you lovely Tumblrs can relate.

- HAW ;)

rollierollem asked:

Do more involving her soles and asshole and pussy I wanna dp her with you and lick cum off her feet

According to hubby this request is inspirational.

Unfortunately for everyone…I don’t really get the whole foot fetish thing. My feet shall remain virgins!

- HAW ;)